Match your students to amazing jobs in seconds



Gigshake automatically matches students to paid part-time or casual employment, in industries and roles that are relevant to students' future career ambitions.

Using data-driven technology, Gigshake connects the right student candidate to the right role and employer, every time. 

For universities, there is little to do but let Gigshake work its magic. Our platform facilitates the hiring process from go to whoa, saving employers time and money and getting students into work faster. 

As a university career practitioner, Gigshake's data analytics provide you with valuable insights that will enhance your student employability strategy and get you closer to your desired graduate outcomes.



How It Works

Gigshake for students


Get your students into paid, career-relevant employment quicker, with minimal intervention & maximum upside

Gigshake for employers


Better serve your industry partners with a smart, searchable database of student talent, available 24-7

Gigshake for universities


View live data on student hiring trends and achieve your university’s student employability goals





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